Electronics Engineer

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We are an independent, privately owned consultancy established in 1996, delivering world-leading Internet of Things based solutions to complex industrial challenges, drawing on our extensive expertise to create Smart Sensor Networks.

We design and manufacture our own range of wireless telemetry and data acquisition systems, focusing on machine learning, low power consumption, exceptionally low noise and unbeatable performance, for recovering in-service load information from the most demanding of environments.

Our products and services are delivered to customers and partners around the world, including blue-chip technology companies from renewable energy, mining, marine, defence, automotive and rail sectors. Our team of engineers are trained to provide rapid and professional assistance working with customers across the globe, possessing outstanding capabilities and expertise for a large range of industrial drive systems.

We were awarded the 2017 Innovation Award at the North East Business Awards, in recognition of our ground-breaking research and development which informs our industry-leading products and services.

Electronics Engineer Vacancy

You will work closely with our lead software and hardware engineers to design, develop, improve and test our range of electronics instrumentation. This will include bespoke systems for one-off projects, and our standard, off-the-shelf instrumentation to be manufactured in larger volumes.

You will strive to push the boundaries of what is possible, through combining your deep and thorough understanding of all aspects of low-power analogue and digital microelectronics, with innovative and lateral thinking, as well as keeping abreast of the latest technologies and components as they become available.

A significant part of your role will be to optimise and troubleshoot designs, and conduct exhaustive, systematic testing and documentation of our products. The reliability and quality of our systems is of paramount importance, and we take great care in testing all our products to maintain this standard.

Although your role will be primarily hardware focussed, you should have a holistic understanding of our systems, and so a general working knowledge and intuition for software and/or mechanical engineering would be beneficial.

Our customers are based around the globe, and ideally, you would be available for occasional travel for on-site installation and troubleshooting work.

Essential Skills & Experience

The ideal candidate will possess an excellent knowledge and understanding of all aspects of electronics engineering (analogue electronics, filters, digital microcontrollers, ADCs, UARTs, RF). This must be supported by a Bachelor's or Master's degree in a relevant field.

The candidate should be experienced and fluent in designing mixed-discipline digital and analogue electronics circuits (optimised for low-noise and power efficiency), and be familiar with electronics CAD software for schematic capture;

Candidates will have a keen interest in the subject, and keep up to date with the latest technologies.

Desirable Skills & Experience

Skills or experience with embedded software development on a range of microcontrollers, and/or a high-level programming language, including an ability to debug and optimise code;

Working knowledge of signal processing in software;

Ability to prototype hands-on, including fault-finding and soldering.

The ideal candidate will be talented, passionate and hard-working, with a great intuition for real-world problem solving. They will have excellent team-working abilities, and good personal presentation and communication skills for liaising with clients. They will have the capability to drive a project from inception through to completion, including testing, manufacture, installation and documentation.

If you are interested in applying or learning more about this role, please email your CV, salary expectations and a covering letter to jenna@jrdltd.co.uk. Please note we do not recruit from agencies.

Please note we do not recruit from agencies.