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Multi-Channel High Speed Telemetry

Linthal 2015 is one of Axpo's most significant expansion projects. A new underground pumped-storage power plant will be used to pump water from Lake Limmern back up to Lake Mutt, which is 630m higher. When needed, it can then be used to generate electricity again. The new facility will boast pump and turbine capacities of 1,000 MW each.[1]

Transmission Dynamics were approached by Alstom Renewable to design, develop, manufacture, install and commission 12 and 24 channel bespoke temperature telemetry systems.

Bespoke Temperature Telemetry System

The specification dictated that the system had to perform to the following requirements:

  • Wireless telemetry
  • 25 Hz sampling rate per channel
  • 10-bit resolution
  • 12 VDC, 10 W inductive power excitation
  • 4-20 mA current outputs
  • Operating on a 2-meter diameter at 750 RPM

Following the successful development of the telemetry systems - three systems have been installed and commissioned at Linthal, Switzerland.

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